Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will my order be ready?

A: Your goods will ship out 3-4 weeks after the store is closed, not from when you order. This is because all orders are produced in bulk after all orders are placed in order to speed up production and increase efficiency.  Inefficiencies help keep the price of the goods down!

Q: My TeamSite says the store will close on a certain date, what time does the store close?

A: For example, if your site says the store closes on the 31st, the store will close at midnight on the 31st. So you will have the entire day to get your order in.

Q: Can I pick up my order at the store to avoid the shipping cost? Or as a coach or manager, can I pick up the orders in bulk and distribute to my team members?

A: To ensure all customers receive their orders, we must ship directly to each customer. This way we have a tracking number that clearly states when the product was shipped and when it was delivered. Further, we do not have the space to warehouse all of the orders that we are producing.

Q: How is the shipping cost calculated?

A: Shipping is charged by volumetric weight. Unfortunately, we cannot control what the shipping cost is, it is calculated by Canada Post. However, we have researched the most efficient packaging materials to keep your shipping costs to a minimum. Also, keep in mind the more you order the cheaper your shipping cost will be by percentage of your total goods ordered. 

Ex. Packages of 0 to 1lbs is roughly $10.00, 1lbs to 3lbs is roughly $12.00, 3lbs to 11 lbs is roughly $15.00 and more than 11lbs is roughly $20.00. 

Please note that shipping prices may change and do vary depending on external factors such as the fluctuating price of fuel. 

Q: Can I return products purchased on the TeamSite?

A: Unfortunately, custom products are decorated just for you and are not returnable. After we have custom decorated garments for you we are unable to resell them.

Q: How do I know my order has been received?

A: After you place your order, please check your e mail for your confirmation. If you haven't received your confirmation after 24 hours, please contact as soon as possible. 

Q: Can I place an order after the store is closed?

A: No. After the store is closed, no orders will be accepted. We cannot accept late orders because we immediately start production to ensure you get your order on time. Adding late orders will hold up all other orders in the logistic chain.

Q. Can I change my order after I placed it?

A: No. After you have successfully placed your order we cannot make any changes as we immediately begin production on the batch. It is important to ensure all information is properly filled out.

Q: How does pricing work?

A: Most times the price that is available on our TeamSites, including decoration, is much cheaper than the retail price you would normally pay. Because your whole team or business is ordering together, we are able to provide our team discount to each individual who orders! The price reflected on your TeamSite is your discounted price, plus the cost of decoration.

Making a TeamSite

Q: Why is it suggested that my TeamShop only have a small selection of products?

A: You learn a few thing about shopping habits after running hundreds of TeamShops. We know now that the more selection, the lower the volume of products sold which means less people will be wearing your awesome gear - The Paradox of Choice. We have found that the optimal stores have less than 10 products maximum. 

Q: Why do I have to have a closing date? Why cant I leave the store open year round?

A: We produce all orders all at the same time when the store is closed to increase our efficiency and ensure everyone receives their orders at the same time.


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