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Ordering Made Easy

Your athletes, parents or employees want awesome looking apparel, so how do you get it to them?

Traditionally, you order in bulk and are stuck with excess inventory. Or you create a flyer with the product offering. The customers would take it home and to fill out what they want and write a check or bring you cash. Then, you compile the order and deposit your money. After that, you bring the bulk order to a local screen printer or embroidery house to get your products decorated, but your job is still not done. You still have to pick up the product and pair each order with all of the different products and track each person down to deliver their order. There has to be a better way!

We set up a website, full of the products your team will love. Your players or coworkers can purchase the products they want and have it delivered to their home. No more headaches or hassle.


Temporary Teamsites

We work with you to create a temporary online TeamSite that is complete with a suite of products available to purchase. You do not have to collect any money or distribute products. We create the store, collect orders, and ship the product directly to the customer.


Hand picked quality Products

As a custom apparel company we have access to hundreds of thousands of products. To hep our customers, we have hand picked and chosen a select variety that your athletes and employees will love.  





After the store is closed, we go to work. Customers who ordered product will have their orders shipped out 3 to 4 weeks after the store has closed. This gives us time to order the product and have it decorated. They will be notified their order is shipped with an e mail containing a tracking number.

How it Works

Pick your Products

One of our TeamSites representatives will help you pick out the products you would like for your store as well as how you would like them decorated. Remember, there is a limit of 10 products per store.

Pick your Deocration

You will need to send us a Vector file of your logo, they are usually saved as a .pdf, .ai or .eps. If you dont have one, we can help you out.

Approve dates and store

After the products and artwork are approved, we will send you the initial link to the store. You will need to pick your close date and make sure all of the mock ups are approved. How the products look on the website is how they will get decorated. 

Your TeamSite is Ready!

Once we receive your approval, your store is ready to take orders. At this point, we cannot add additional products or change anything on the store, it just would be fair to someone who already placed their order. 

Store Closes

After your closing date has passed, the store will be shut down. Then, we start the fulfillment process as soon as the store is closed to ensure you get your orders on time. We cannot accept any late orders so it is important for your customers to order on time.  It is always a good idea to send out a reminder to your team close to the close date to ensure their orders are in.

Orders Are Delivered

3-4 weeks after the store closes, customers will be notified via e mail that their orders have shipped and a tracking number will be provided.